Grip the gi, not the skin

Grip the gi, not the skin

Nov 30, -0001

Something that no one will tell you until you get yelled at or until it happens to you. It is extremely unpleasant and it leaves you a massive bruise as if you've been in some sort of bar fight over the weekend.

When you’re fighting for a grip in jiu jitsu we all get excited and don't really care what we're grabbing. As long as it's something that we can hold on to, it will do.

It's goes without saying, it better if you don't grip the skin along with the gi. Not only does it hurt but most people don't want to walk around like they're involved in domestic violence.

So when you do grab some gi, make sure you have a good bite of the gi and not any flesh.

If your partner does grab more than your gi. Don't make it a huge deal, just remind them that they're grabbing your flesh and it hurts.

You're going everyone at your gym a favour by telling them and making them aware of it.

The photo above is from a takedown class (very similar to a judo class but it's adapted to jiu jitsu for example we do ankle picks and shooting for single and double legs). My training partner kept grabbing my biceps and I didn't say anything to him and this is the result.

Someone from a higher rank then told me to voice it and I did the following week. He was apologetic and he never did it again.

It's important to communicate because not only it helps you but it also improves the gym and the environment everyone who trains there.

How did you deal with people who grabs your biceps?