About Me

About Me

Sep 10, 2023

Hi, I'm Sebastian and I started my Jiu Jitsu journey back in December of 2020 and I have been training consistently every since. With exceptions of holidays and COVID lockdown of 2021.

I decided to start a blog and Instagram page, Jiu Jitsu Memoir, because I realised that a lot of people who started training jiu jitsu end up quitting very early on. Most of them don't make it out of their white belt stage.

Which was very interesting for me because those who does were obsessed with BJJ from the beginning. But for those who quit lost their steam after a few months in.

This blog and my Instagram is a place for me to reflect on my journey and share my experience and hopefully help some people to keep training no matter what comes at them.

I started training traditional Chinese Martial Art (Dragon Style kung Fu) sine 2015 and entered a competition to test myself. From that experience I took away so much that I was coaching a little bit to get teenagers prepared for competitions.

These days I haven't been able to train my striking as much. But I have been working on grappling ever since. I don't intend to do any mixed martial art but I do feel more complete as a fighter, as a martial artist.

I do believe that you can't stick to one style and neglect everything else. You should be working on everything and it will help you grow as a person but also as a martial artist.

Nowadays, my focus is on BJJ but I won't say that I am only a grappler. I still see myself as a martial artist.

I do promote BJJ to my friends but really I am a full believer in martial art. I believe everyone should be training a martial art. Whether it's for self-defence, health, lifestyle or as a sport. Whatever it is, I feel martial art is an excellent way for growth and self discovery.

Thank you for spending your time reading this. Because investing time in learning more about myself is important for personal growth.