Keep your crap off the mats

Keep your crap off the mats

Sep 02, 2023

You shouldn't be training angry when you're having a bad day.

Training should be something you do to relax and escape from the world. It shouldn't be a place for you go to release some steam.

When you step foot on the mats, you should be focusing on training and be present. Working on yourself and how you should be improving. You shouldn't be thinking about anything that are off the mats.

So really, whatever happens on the mat isn't personal. If you got submitted by someone 10 times in one round, it doesn't mean they hate you, or they want to hurt you or they're always out to get you. Really what they're doing is training and getting better.

They could be smashing you with a very mean cross face and it may hurt a bit and your jaw might be sore. It doesn't matter, it's not personal.

This goes for yourself. You shouldn't be thinking about whats happening at work or who's pissing you off and them going to train to hurt someone. Don't show up to training to smash people.

You training partner is not a punching bag for you to smash. Because if you do that, you'll be training angry and not be present. If you're not present you will either hurt yourself or hurt your training partner. And no one will be happy.

Your training partner has nothing to do with your bad day or have anything to do with anything at work.

We’re all on the mats to have fun and have a good time.