Everyone needs a Jiu Jitsu friend

Everyone needs a Jiu Jitsu friend

Aug 15, 2023

If you want to train more, you of course need to have discipline. But sometimes you just need to be pushed a bit or have someone to encourage you. If encouragement doesn't work, you just needs to be pushed or nagged.

So I have friends who trains a lot and they will ask if I'm training even if they know that it's my scheduled rest day. Without fail every week, I'll be asked if I'm coming to training every Thursday night for no-gi.

And for the longest time I've declined and said I'm resting and for the most part I actually need a rest day after a 3 hour session on Wednesday nights. But they will tell me what I'm missing out on and that I should train on Thursday nights for no-gi.

I eventually caved in because of some severe FOMO. I came to train on the occasional Thursday night. Now it's a regular night and I schedule Thursday nights as part of my training nights.

I was never comfortable with no-gi because I focused on gi jiu jitsu for the first 2 years of my journey. So I really needed someone to push me into no-gi and make me commit to it.

If it wasn't for this friend, I wouldn't have been pushed to start training no-gi. So if you don't have a friend like this. You really need a friend to push you.