An average week of Jiu Jitsu

An average week of Jiu Jitsu

Aug 15, 2023

My average week of jiu jitsu often means I'm plotting along and learning, improving and progressing at a steady rate, some weeks more than others. But over the grand scheme of things, it's moving along.

But there are weeks where I just feel on top of the world. I can hit my new technique on everyone and I'm just choking people out. One after another and no one can stop me.

People who use to be able to smash me are having trouble to even pass my guard and I might even be able to threaten them with some of my submissions as well.

I would roll with higher belts and not be worried about getting smashed, I was moving well, making good decisions and just felt strong.

Everything was just going better than good. It was great.

The next day I rolled and just got submitted by a white belt. He was bigger, stronger and younger than me. But he managed to tap me out.

That stung me so much that I forgot about all the success I had throughout the week.

This just goes to show that no matter what you do, you have to stay humble because anything can knock you down. I don't hate the process, it's just a good reminder.

To be honest this happens pretty often if you look and reflect on a regular basis.