When does jiu jitsu become fun?

When does jiu jitsu become fun?

Aug 12, 2023

I'm going to be very honest, jiu jitsu like any martial art is a very tough and it's not that enjoyable at the start. You're going to get smashed into a pulp for the first six - twelve months. But this really depends how much you train and how fast you can learn the basics.

If you're not training consistently it will take over a year.

No one really likes to go somewhere and potentially get a black eye and go to work the next day. If that's not enough, you're giving up your comfortable coach time and risking injuries that might result in surgery or devastation injuries that will affect your life. If you can get pass this, jiu jitsu might be fun.

The reason why it sucks and not that fun at the beginning is because you're getting smashed and whilst that's happening it's really difficult to see your own improvements.

You just have to trust in the process and keep turning up to training. You have to be discipline and devote your time on the mats.

And understand that things are going to go bad before it get better.