Rolling with someone injured

Rolling with someone injured

Jul 24, 2023

When you're rolling with someone and they tell you they're injured. It's probably a good idea to not roll too hard with them and causing more injuries or making them worse than they are.

You don't want people to smash you if you're injured. So don't do that to your training partners.

So you need to be considerate and allow them to train without putting fear in them so they don't want to train when they're recovering. You should be happy that someone is still keen to train while they're not a hundred percent. It shows perseverance and grit.

You don't want to deter them from training.

If they said their right elbow is tender, this just means you should be careful when you're pulling and tugging the right arm. It's probably best to go slow and gentle and got at their pace and not attack the right arm.

If they said their knee hurts, just try not to use De La Riva on that leg so you don't put pressure on their knee.

Not only is this good for your partner, but it forces you to be aware and change your game for that roll. If you like to play De La Riva, and you can't use it. This will make you become very creative.

So in a nut shell you should let the injured partner to set the pace and so you don't go make anything worse.