Jiu Jitsu High

Jiu Jitsu High

Jul 17, 2023

Being high on jiu jitsu isn't something you will feel until a bit later in your journey. It's something you'll start to feel when you know a bit and you're starting to pull off techniques that you've been working on.

And it just those days that you just feel great, you're catching subs on everyone you're rolling with. They could be having a bad day or week. But that's not your concern. Because you're subbing them.

The best part about it is you're finally seeing you're progress and you have evidence that you're getting better. I mean you can get stripes but you might feel imposter syndrome because you're just not feeling the improvements.

But when you finally catch an armbar that you've been working on for months. It's a great feeling or it could be something minor. It could be just surviving and not getting subbed or finally figuring out how to escape from a position.

But of course after all this high, you might start feeling you're the shit and you're the king of the mats. Because I feel this, and sometimes I get so high that I think I might have a chance against a brown belt that night.


I just get smashed and get a huge slice of humble pie. He will shut down everything I want to do and destroy me.

So yeah if you do find yourself getting a big head and need some deflating. Go roll with a higher belt and get some humble pie.

Once in a while you need someone to just steam roll you and crush your soul.