If you're not attacking, you're defending

If you're not attacking, you're defending

Jul 14, 2023

In jiu jitsu and many other sports, your ability to attack is very important. Because if you're not attacking, it's safe to say, you're probably defending.

So if your ability to attack isn't well developed or threatening, then you better have a good defence. Because if you attack and they defend well they can come back with a counter attack. Then it'll be your turn to defend.

If you can't fend them off and go back on the attack. Then that's going to be the end if it. If you are about to defend you will get the chance to come back and go back on the attack.

So your ability to defend is greatly proportional to your attacking. If you're not comfortable with defending then you might not attack because you'll be afraid to lose the position and go for safer options.

That is why you need to have a good defensive game in order to have a good offensive game. If you're not afraid of being pinned. You won't care if you lose your position because you'll be confident in getting the position back and you're not threatened by the bad positions.

That's why developing a defensive game is so important.

So focus on defence and your attack will become better.

Without a doubt.