Your fingers will change from jiu jitsu

Your fingers will change from jiu jitsu

Jul 07, 2023

Three things will happen to your fingers when you start jiu jitsu. 

And there's not much you can do about it.

It's all part of grapple sports just more so when you're wearing a gi for the sports. Like Judo or Jiu Jitsu with the gi. In no gi, it's not as bad.

But without a doubt, your fingers will be sore and even hurt from time to time from holding onto grips. So here are three things that will no doubt happen to your fingers when you start training jiu jitsu.

Your finger can cramp from excessive use or from just holding any grip extra hard for no reason. This happens a lot at the beginning for white belts. You might feel more secure or safer by holding everything super tight.

If this happens just have some Powerade and let the salts do their thing.

Over time you'll get your fingers jarred this can happen when you and your partner decided to have a hard roll and things can get out of hands. There isn't much you can do about it once it's jarred.

Not really an injury so no need to take time off the mats, so if this does happen to your poor fingers you just need to make sure it doesn't get jarred again. Just buddy tape it with another finger and it should reduce the impact if it does happen again.

Blisters and calluses will become a common thing especially on your first knuckles from playing spider guard and gripping collars and sleeves. If you do hold on to someones collar and they tried to break your grip with a two on one, you might as well just let go otherwise it'll rip off your skin.

This will also save your fingers from unnecessary stress and tearing your tendons if this happens you need to get a splint to straighten it up.

At the end of the day, you need your fingers and if your day job requires you to have healthy fingers and you can't work properly without your hand. You really should preserve your fingers.