You can tap or nap

You can tap or nap

Jul 03, 2023

It's never a good idea to be choked out to the point you black out. Sometimes it comes on really quick and it might catch you off guard. But generally speaking you do get a chance to tap out before it's too late.

Even if it's really tight you still get a few seconds tap out before the world close in on you. Getting choked out is almost like getting knocked out in muay thai or boxing or kickboxing but obviously you don't get the chance of concussion. But it's still not good for you if you want to keep a few more brain cells.

But in saying that when you're rolling with a partner you don't want to tap out before the choke is on. Partially because if the choke is not on and you tap, you're tell your partner that it's working when it's not.

This is important because if it's not working your partner needs to know this and figure out how to adjust to make it work. If you just tap out early they will think what they are doing is correct and it works. So please do not lie to your partner and only tap when it is working.

When is the time to tap?

When you start to see the world closing in and getting dark. At the time of me writing this blog, I haven't been choked out yet and I've been training for about two and a half years. But I have been close like really close.

When someone has a tight strangle hold around your neck, you usually know it on before they start cranking. It's that tight. When you get that feeling still try to escape but consider tapping quickly.

And when the cranking starts, you will see your peripheral going dark and closing in towards the centre. Tap once you notice the darkness creeping in. If you wait for it to get mid way to the centre. It's probably too late to tap and you will be napping.

All I'm saying is you should definitely tap before you nap. It might be fun at first but over time it's not good for you. If you do get choked out during training, my gym will send you home and won't let you back to train for the rest of the day.

So please tap before you nap. There is not warrior in you if you let yourself get choked out. Been the mats safe.