Is it expensive to train jiu jitsu?

Is it expensive to train jiu jitsu?

Jun 23, 2023

Is jiu jitsu expensive? In Australia it can range from $40 - 60 a week so it can go from $80 - 120 a fortnight or anything from $160 - 240 a month.

To put this in context, a 24 hour gym in Sydney is about $14 -20 a week. So it's at least double to triple the price.

So it's not particular cheap, but of course it also depends on where you are training and how many classes you can attend. If you train at an MMA gym that has all sorts of martial art like Muay Thai, Boxing and Taekwondo, they might have limited classes for jiu jitsu. But it also depends if you want to focus on purely jiu jitsu or you want to do everything.

Whatever it is, you just need to have a place where you can maximise your training hours. If you are at a place where they can only offer 5 classes a week but you can't make 2 of them then you are stuck with just doing 3 classes.

If you decide to train at a place where jiu jitsu is their focus, the schedule will have classes six to seven days a week and will be packed with jiu jitsu classes with different instructors. You can choose to go to a particular instructor's class if you like them or like their style. At a place like this you can really train a lot, you can pretty much go in whenever you have free time at night and it's more flexible.

Now back to the question is jiu jitsu expensive?

If you are paying $40 a week it is pretty cheap. If you are doing about $60 then it's on the more expensive range. But really it comes down to how often you can train. If you can do at least 3 times a week it actually not too back.

It all comes down to how often you can train. You also need to consider that jiu jitsu isn't like going to a 24 hour gym. You have an instructor running the class like yoga or pilates. You can ask questions whenever you need to and they're often very helpful and will answer you everything.

Not to mention all the benefits of learning a martial art like getting fitter, stronger, it builds confidents, you get the discipline and you get to meet hard working people who is willing to grind.

So if you ask me. Jiu jitsu and any martial art is worth the time and money. If you want results and learn, you have to invest time into it.