Worst drilling partners

Worst drilling partners

Jun 19, 2023

These are some of the worst thing you can do as a training partner. So don't do this, don't be that guy.

The 2 stripe white belt professor.

These are the guys who's only been training for like 3 months but they somehow knows everything about jiu jitsu. They love to coach you even if they have no idea what is going on. They will teach you how to armbar, but have no idea how to do them.

You are here to learn, and it's okay to ask questions. Your coach is there to coach you and answer all the questions you have. You don't have to pretend you know things and teach people the wrong thing.

I've had so many white belt teaching me how to do things and some of them are absolutely dangerous. So if you are a white belt professor, please stop.

And if you're are being coached by other white belts. Take everything they say with a grain of salt. Don't trust everything they say.

The rushers

These guys will do everything super fast and then tell you to speed things up. It's like they're doing reps at the gym. They will rush through the moves that are being taught in class, get all the movement wrong and not get anything right. And then they go to say that the move doesn't work because they can't pull it off in sparring.

How about you slow down, learn the moves properly, remember all the details and execute properly.

The muscles

These guys either have no idea how strong they are or they just don't care if they hurt you. They are super rough no matter what they do, it's all about smashing and hurling you around.

It might feel like they just want to hurt you. So when you are training don't use all your might to do everything. Some parts needs a bit of care and precision.

Don't go around hurting your training partner as if they own you money.

Key take away

Just be considerate and don't hurt people, don't spread misinformation if you are a white belt and don't listen to everything other white belts tell you and take your time with learning moves.