Kicked in the nuts

Kicked in the nuts

Apr 25, 2023

Just had the funniest conversation on the mats the other day.

I was asked if you’re allowed to kick someone in the nuts during a sparring.

I looked at him and my immediate reaction was “What? No”

And he said “I was rolling with someone and he kicked me twice, so I thought it’s normal.”

First of all, kicking anyone in the nuts is never okay.

Yes jiu jitsu is a combat sport and yes, it is also high contact.

But it’s never okay to kick anyone.

Let alone kicking anyone in the nuts.

So don’t go kicking people in the nuts.

If anyone kicks you in the nuts, do everyone a favour say something.

Let them know it's not okay so they can be careful next time and not annoy others and hurt them.

Don’t start kicking each other in the nuts during sparring. It's not good for anyone.

It’s not good for you, your nuts and everyone else and their nuts.