How to self diagnose you’re the spazzy white belt

How to self diagnose you’re the spazzy white belt

Apr 25, 2023

If you’re a spazzy white belt. 

No one will tell you, or say it to your face.

So how do you know you’re a spazzy white belt?

Here are some signs of you being a spazzy white belt;

  • You get exhausted from just drilling and doing specific training. If you’re exhausted from just specific. Like so tired that you’re about to pass out, breathing like a pug after a short jog.

  • You are constantly hurting your training partner. It could be as small as bruising and scratching them. To something as big as kicking them in the nuts or in their face. 

  • Are you panicking when you’re getting squished into the mats? I mean no one likes it, but you need to be okay with it and not go crazy.

  • Are people constantly telling you to relax and breathe? These are the nice people, because that is exactly what you need to do. 

  • Are you grabbing grips that 

If you have diagnosed yourself as a spazz, you just need to calm down so you don't hurt people and annoy them. Also calming down will help you improve your jiu jitsu heaps.

Welcome to jiu jitsu and keep up the training.